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A-1-UTL Utility Drill

The Minnich A-1-UTL unit can drill vertically or horizontally, features a lightweight design for easy portability and requires minimal air — making it an ideal alternative to an electric hammer drill. Available in two powerful, compact models, the A-1-UTL drill works efficiently in confined spaces. Both units in the A-1-UTL lineup are available with an optional dust collection system to minimize debris on the jobsite. Special application and pattern kits are also available.


Dust collection system available

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General Specs

Model A-1-24 UTL A-1-30 UTL
Drill Steel Shank .875" x 3.25" (22.2mm x 82.6 mm) .875" x 3.25" (22.2mm x 82.6 mm)
Drill Steel Length U.C. 9" (22.9cm) 12" (30.5cm)
Drill Bit Diameter .625" - 1.00" (15.9mm to 25.4mm) .625" - 1.00" (15.9mm to 25.4mm)
*Maximum Drill Depth 7" (17.8cm) 10" (25.4cm)
Drill Distance From Top of Slab 3" - 10" (7.6cm to 25.4cm) 3" - 10" (7.6cm to 25.4cm)
Minimum Cutout Width 24" (61.0cm) 30" (76.2cm)
SCFM Required 32 (0.9 m3/min) 32 (0.9 m3/min)
PSIG Required 84.5 (5.8 BAR) 84.5 (5.8 BAR)
Weight 75 LBS (34.0 Kg) 80 LBS (36.3 Kg)

Specifications shown are standard. Variations to the standard are available. Dust Collection is available.
*Based on 2 piece steel and bits. Whirlybits should be 1" (2.5cm) longer for maximum depth.

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30lb Drill Repair Video

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Effects of dry-fireing

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Minnich Utility Drill Horizontal to Vertical Conversion

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A-1-UTL Utility Drill

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