Minnich A-3SCW/A-4SCW/A-5SCW on-slab self-propelled wireless units increase drilling efficiency, accuracy and safety. Wireless remote control technology enables operators to drill up to five holes at once and drive down the slab to drill the next set of holes — all while standing in the grade away from the equipment. From this clear vantage point, operators can drill faster and more accurately while avoiding dust, debris and obstacles. Power crab steering further boosts efficiency by letting operators drive down the slab without raising and lowering the drill bed.


Dust collection system available


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 Applications:  Road & Runway

General Specs

Model A-3SCW/A-4SCW/A-5SCW
Drill Steel Shank .875" x 4.25" (22.2mm x 107.9 mm)
Drill Steel Length 24" (61.0cm)
Drill Bit Diameter .625" - 2.50" (15.9mm to 63.5mm)
*Maximum Drill Depth 18" (45.7cm)
Drill Distance From Top of Slab 3.5" - 12" (8.9cm to 30.5cm)
Minimum Cutout Width 48" (121.9cm)
SCFM Required 92.2 (43.5D m3/sec)
PSIG Required 110 (7.58 BAR)
Weight A-3SCW (basic) 2860 LBS (1297 Kg)
Weight A-4SCW (basic) 3260 LBS (1433 Kg)
Weight A-5SCW (basic) 3460 LBS (1569 Kg)

Specifications shown are standard. Variations to the standard are available.
*Based on 2 piece steel and bits. Whirlybits should be 1" (2.5cm) longer for maximum depth.


9350 Drill Repair Instructional Video 2014

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A4SC Instructional

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.46.17 PM

Effects of dry-fireing

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 3.58.48 PM

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Minnich Dowel Pin Drill: Product Range

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Minnich Concrete Dowel Pin Drills: Full depth repair


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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

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Minnich Dowel Pin Drill: Product Range

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